Tan Physics Reviews | Worth the Hype?

Crazy for a glossy and breathtaking tan? Count us in! We are in a new year, and thankfully the tan department is still in showbiz. And why shouldn’t it be? Tanning delivers a richer tone, which adds vehemently to that statement look. But with a lot of products already taking our attention, we must have the right ones in our arms. As they say, a good husband and a good tan are hard to come by! Or is it not? According to many Tan Physics reviews, the self-tanner brand claims to provide you with a glamourously nourishing tan that will take your breath away! But hold on.

Tan Physics Reviews

We only long for the things we don’t have. God may have been unkind to you with less melanin, but that shouldn’t stop your love for turning a shade darker! Tanning is a form of self-love and brings many skincare benefits onto the plate. Don’t believe us? After rummaging through many expert guides and beauty lookbooks, it has come to our notice that Tan Physics assures you to deliver your body with an ultimate getaway of seamless tanning. Infused with many fascinating ingredients, it nurtures your skin as you would. But is it enough to make you fall for this? Let us dig deep and find out more!

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Tan Physics Reviews | A Blissful Necessity For Your Skin?

You no more have to worry about your sweet holiday tan fading away. Why? The Tan Physics self-tanner allows you an escape from your regular tanning method. Whenever you feel your natural tan is losing its touch, apply this gel all over your body, and keep it as you like! Many users shared their stories where they said the brand’s self-tanning option delivered them with a harmless summery tan that accentuated their overall look. 

Tan Physics Reviews

Ever wondered why your plump bronze tan is so alluring to your eyes? Your tanning lotion has been fueled with the goodness of many sensational components. These travel deep into your skin and rebuild it with their benefits. The Tan Physics gel has a similar fate. Many ingredients have been carefully handpicked and put into this combination. This active formula protects your skin from radical damage, acts as a moisturizer, heals skin, prevents aging signs, purifies skin with anti-microbial properties, and improves your skin’s elasticity so that your tan looks healthy, just as you!

Tan Physics True Color Sunless Tanner 8 fl oz
  • PAMPER YOUR SKIN - Tan Physics replenishes and hydrates your skin with proven natural ingredients including Argan Oil, Coconut Oil, Natural Caramel & Sugars, Organic Aloe Vera, and Hydrolyzed Collagen

Are you tired of patchiness from fake tans? It’s time you reconsider and turn to Tan Physics! It’s true. Many reviews expressed that the lotion doesn’t involve any greasiness and glides smoothly all over the skin, leaving you with that crunchy and fresh tan.

How To Use Tan Physics?

  • The thumb rule is to exfoliate your skin so that the tanner sits everywhere equally, and you get an even tan without any streaks. Also, please stay away from nylon and loofah sponges, as they don’t give an even peeling action. 
  • Do not shave, wax, or tweeze within 24 hours of using Tan Physics self-tanner, as this will make your pores/follicles look darker than the rest of your skin. Avoiding this will lead to a smoother tan. 
  • Take a good shower, and pat dry gently. Take a quarter-size portion of the tanner and start generously applying it to your body. It is better to begin from the bottom and slowly work up. 
  • Keep your fingers together while applying and apply in a circular motion. Remember to feather off the lotion by putting minimal layers on your knees and feet.
  • Go light on your knees, elbows, and ankles. Being already darker areas of our body, they may appear denser. 
  • Avoid application on toenails, your soles, and the side of the feet. After the application is complete, take a quick look to ensure no dark spots or patches are left. 
  • Wash your hands nicely. 
  • Leave your body undisturbed for 15-20 minutes. The longer you dry, the more all ingredients will soak up on your skin, which will give you a luscious caramel-colored tan. 

Your tan will last for 4-7 days. If you want it to last longer, you can use the Tan Extender from the brand and enjoy your rich glowing tan a little more than everyone!

Why Choose Tan Physics?

Prevents skin cancer 

Were you aware that tanning beds and prolonged exposure to the sun are common reasons behind 90% of skin cancer? Sun exposure also leads to other issues like signs of premature aging and tissue degeneration. Tan Physics self-tanner brings you an effortless tanning option with no compromise with harsh UV rays. Also, it is going to save you from your baggage of wrinkles. How cool is that?

Powerpack actives 

Enriched with perfection, this self-tanner’s formula is home to nourishing ingredients that make the entire process healthy. Dihydroxyacetone, argan oil, matrixyl, coconut oil, hydrolyzed collagen, and aloe extracts grace your tan with their goodness. They hydrate, moisturize, and pamper your tan with many antioxidants. All this actively restores your tired cells and renews and replenishes them in the process. 

Time saver 

The beauty brand believes that your time is precious and stands strictly by it. This tanning option saves you a lot of unnecessary trips to the tanning beds or beaches. Now you can enjoy that pina colada in your airy room while you spoil yourself in this me-time action. 

Mix & mingle 

How many times have you tried on a self-tanner and were left with patches all over the body that wouldn’t blend! More than we can count! Not again. The Tan Physics gel settles on your skin without even knowing about it. It has a smooth consistency that your skin readily absorbs, leaving you a streak-free tan. Collagen and Moroccan argan oil act as great healing agents which activate their potent benefits, and your skin appear as fine as a canvas, without any blotchiness. 


  • Enhances your skin’s natural tone
  • Forms a gorgeous warm-looking tan
  • Rich with nourishing ingredients like argan oil and aloe
  • Carefully envelops signs of aging and other imperfections like blemishes
  • Deeply hydrates skin
  • The tanner evenly moisturizes your skin
  • Infused with ten primary elements that boost the tan quality
  • Dries faster within less time
  • No harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays
  • The tan dulls the appearance of cellulite and sketch marks.
  • Adds a healthy glow
  • Masks spider veins 
  • Blends seamlessly without forming streaks
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • It prevents skin cancer which is familiar from tanning beds and sun exposure


  • A little expensive.
  • No clinical trials are available. 
  • The product is only sold online and by limited retailers. 
  • It comes with a strong odor like a household cleaner which many users may not be comfortable with.
  • Has some chemicals in the ingredient list, so if you are looking for a wholly organic and natural formula, this may not be for you.
  • Some users complained that it left a deep orange shade on their skin, while others were left with no effect.

Customer Feedback | Tan Physics Before And After

Becca mentioned, “What I love the most about this tanner is that it dries faster than all the previous self-tanners I have used. This makes it a better option for me than all the rest. I would recommend going for this.”

Violet said, “Has a terrible smell which irritated me the whole time while applying it. I am susceptible to strong fragrances, and I don’t think this is suitable. 

Addison expressed, “I thought it would feel a little tough on the skin, but I was wrong. It was very gentle and soothing. Also, I love it leaves a warm undertone on my skin and goes well with my complexion nicely.”

Tan Physics before and after

Emily S. pinned, “Did not like this at all. I brought this after being hesitant, and I got streaks all over my body. Also, it formed an intense orange color which I disapprove of.”

Danny said, “Gave me a natural-looking tan without being messy and blotchy. I have finally found the perfect hack to tanning. Seeing my results, even my sisters have started using it now. I can’t wait to repurchase it!

FAQs | Tan Physics Reviews

Where is Tan Physics sold?

You can find your range of favorite Tan Phyicscs products at Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and some more sites. You can order from here or directly visit the Tan Physics website and make your purchase.

What is Tan Physics?

Tan Physics is yet another self-tanner joining the beauty industry. It with its claims to weaken the appearance of your tough wrinkles and give you a perfectly baked tan. It consists of nourishing ingredients that don’t irritate the skin unnecessarily and awaken your tired skin. 

Is Tan Physics any good?

Many users said Tan Physics helped them get a sunless and safe tan. It dries quickly within no time, so you don’t have to wait for a more extended period. The self-tanner also nourishes the skin, replenishes its needs, and forms a natural tan. 

Is Tan Physics waterproof?

No, Tan Physics is not waterproof. The effect of your crisp brown tan will eventually come down to some shades if you come in contact with water or have a shower. If you intend to keep the tan for longer, consider putting more layers. 

Can Tan Physics be used on the face?

Yes, you can use Tan Physics on your face without any confusion. The self-tanner settles gently on the front and gives protection against the adverse effects of sun tanning and can be applied to other body parts, like your back, arms, chest, and legs. 

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Closure | Tan Physics Review

Fake tanners have graced our tanning experience for quite some time now. The rave for that instant color boost brings confidence and healing benefits. While the heart has room for so many different choices, many Tan physics reviews indicated why this particular tanning gel is a subtle option to fulfill our desire. Step aside because this goldish brown shade is in the fire!

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