West Kiss Reviews | Amp Up Your Look? (Unbiased)

Instagram influencers and other celebs have finally spilled the beans on the secret behind their glamorous lookbooks – hair extensions.! Whether it’s party season or simply a bad hair day, you clip in these dazzling waves into your natural locks, and your entire beauty ensemble is switched up there! But with so many names coming up on the list every day, hit and trial seem exhausting. According to reports, many West Kiss reviews claim that the brand helps rebuild your relationship with wigs with flexible features. But is this for real? 

West Kiss reviews

We are in the twentieth century, and the hair wig options have evolved drastically. There is something ready for everyone; you have to find the right match! These contoured pieces of beauty add crazy volume to your hair without inviting heat styling. West Kiss takes great pride in bringing its users a seamless cluster of perfect hairpieces formulated with 100% human hair. The brand provides an acceptable substitute for all those ritzy trips to the salon with their conscious care. So should you believe us already? Is this true or just words? Let us dive right in to find out!

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West Kiss Reviews | Worth It?

Hair extensions have officially stolen the top shelves of beauty stores and possess all the qualities of giving you the much-awaited hair makeover! Your lovely locks may be pretty, but they may befriend you any day. Especially with many emerging conditions like alopecia, PCOD, other hormonal imbalances, or chemotherapy, people often turn to wigs to relieve them with a bit of respite from the shame of hair loss. Synthetic hair wigs are a big no-no as they often involve chances of infections and irritations. Meanwhile, West Kiss offers help to everyone in need with their top-quality human hair. 

The fine hair brand takes pride in having made its wigs in a way that can be molded according to your needs. Be it hair dyeing, straightening, curling, or bleaching; they can withstand it all, and beautifully! Upon being asked, many users said that West Kiss has proved to be the most client-friendly option for their hair. They were happy that the extensions came in different varieties, lengths, and colors and amped up all their special occasions

The brand offers a deep 5-inch partition at good deals, making your hair look natural. Split ends may have been the end of your hair, but these wigs are devoid of all such problems. They are incredibly soft and radiant-looking, which makes your waves look expensive. We have all the reasons to welcome our confidence back with this brand at our aid. Do you?


  • It uses 100% human hair
  • A plethora of options to choose from
  • No split ends 
  • Ultra-soft texture
  • Different colored wigs 
  • Curly wigs, hair bundles, HD lace wigs
  • Choices are available depending upon hair length too
  • Absence of chemical procedures 
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Easy to use
  • Healthy-looking hair
  • Can be restyled according to you
  • 5×5 HD lace wigs come with baby hair and bangs
  • Doesn’t tangle
  • No shedding of hair 
  • It adds a natural effect


  • The product may come with a strong odor which the users disapprove of.
  • Some users complained that the knots take a long time to bleach.

Why Choose West Kiss? 

100% Human Hair 

Wigs may be irritating when they don’t suit your taste and look like you borrowed someone else’s hair. Not only do they appear ugly, but they bring down our confidence. West Kiss steers clear from synthetic hair and uses 100% human hair to add to your beauty. They easily detangle and appear lustrous and healthy. Unlike your natural hair, you no longer have to worry about hair fall problems

Naturally Appealing 

Some of the lace wigs of West Kiss come with a wide hairline that looks like it’s your own. Designed to be 180% denser, the wig gives you a fuller-looking appearance. There are ample baby hair and soft bangs that define your pre-frontal portion’s beauty. The wigs match all skin colors and create the effect of being natural. Long lace and waves are kept at the front to hide the edges, giving the illusion of being honest. 

Much To Choose From 

From deep waves, smooth curls, and rich burgundy locks to silk tresses, ombre hair weaves, and whatnot, the brand is big on fulfilling your expectations with an ocean full of options. Some choices like the Brazilian virgin hair are purely made from human hair, which elevates your glam, making your locks look like a million bucks!

Right To Customize 

Don’t we all love to pamper our tresses with luxurious products, expensive leave-ins which accentuate their thickness, styling tools to give those curls a healthy twist, or bleach them pink and purple? While regular bland wigs don’t allow this, West Kiss Hair Wigs make it possible to treat your hair the way you want it to! It’s up to you whether you curl them or be a brunette!

Aim For Customer Satisfaction 

Your item comes beautifully wrapped in a large satin storage pouch. There are many freebies and random gifts along with your product like eyelashes, caps for your wigs, elastic bands, etc. They offer a worldwide fast shipping service so that your lovelies reach you within no time! They strive for customer satisfaction, so they are always present to provide support if you need it. West Kiss also delivers a unique 15-day no reason return/exchange as long as the product is in original condition.


Customer Feedback | West Kiss Reviews

Martha commented, “I ordered this a week ago, and it arrived today. I am thrilled to see the amazing quality it has. It appeared very soft and luscious. This has come up to my expectations incredibly well. I can’t wait to wear it at my prom!”

Caroline said, “Don’t think I will ever repurchase this. The bundle looked very rough and fake. I tried washing it with my leave-in conditioner, but there was no effect. I had a lot of expectations from this.”

Ema pinned, “Wore it to a fancy dress and all my friends started asking me where I got it from. It amped my whole look. I am pleased with this purchase, and I am rebuying this!”

West Kiss reviews

Charlie expressed, “I received false quality hair which looked like it was made from synthetic. Some strands even came out after I washed it. I am honestly disappointed. Let’s hope I at least get a refund of my money.”

Ana mentioned, “Absolutely loved these locks. I have straight hair, and I wanted to try its curls. Trust me; it gave me the best curls I have ever had. It enhanced my whole appearance. Completely worth it!”


FAQs | West Kiss Reviews

Where is West Kiss hair located?

West Kiss hair company is an eager enthusiast for providing you with beautiful locks. The company is situated in one of its leading stores in Xuchang, China. It was established in the year 200 and has been dedicated to serving its clients. 

Where to buy West Kiss?

You can hunt your favorite products of West Kiss from many online stores. Amazon, Ubuy, Aliexpress, and many other sites keep many varieties of this hairline range to suit the needs of their customers. You can choose to make your purchase from here or directly visit the official website of West Kiss and make your purchase from there. 

West Kiss reviews

Can West Kiss’s hair be dyed?

Yes, West Kiss hair may be dyed according to your taste. Keep in mind that you need to keep the color range below shade #27. According to the general rule, which prefers dying the hair from darker to a lighter shade, it is advisable to get help from a professional hair artist to get the desirable results. There is always a good chance that the color may not turn out as expected!

Is West Kiss’s hair bleached?

No, West Kiss hair doesn’t come bleached. However, you can get it bleached at a salon by using professionally acknowledged products and a beauty expert. 

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A good wig blends in well with your hair without weighing your beauty down. Pros have started waving goodbyes to heating tools and are going all out with long and voluminous extensions. West Kiss reviews have shown that they are solely devoted to making you meet your ideal wig choice with their wide range of products. Many users have been convinced of the many benefits the brand brings with itself. 

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