Tan Physics VS Fake Bake | The Better Solution?

Has it ever happened that you tried on a tanning lotion, and while waiting, you dozed off? You looked no more than an orange bear with two pigtails when you woke up. While it’s not wise to trust every name floating in the makeup industry, you must find yourself the best self-tanner, and that perennial glow will be yours! When it comes to creating the ultimate tan, there are a lot of categories to choose from, like something that gives an instant glow, long-lasting effect, or something minimal, which feels like it isn’t even there on the skin! The current clash between the two self-tanners, Tan Physics VS Fake Bake, seems to attract much attention with their goodness. 

Tan Physics VS Fake Bake

Users have been raving about these two beauties a lot as both of them claim to turn your skin into a brisk and fresh tan that will last longer than all your exes! There is a lot of positive talk about their easy-to-do formula, which leaves you with a realistic tan. But is this to be believed? Or is it just another false story? Let’s stay on this page to determine which one wins the bet. Come, let us walk you through it!

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Tan Physics VS Fake Bake | The Best Solution?

Self-tanners have been hanging around for quite some time now in the cosmetic industry. After all, we all love a good Florida tan with hints of pistachio and beige, painting every inch of our skin. Having scoured through many glowing options, we have rounded up two real names to replace those steamy hours sitting under the sun!

Tan Physics 

People have been putting their faith in fake tans to create that crispy baked effect that makes you look like a yummy hot pie! When playing around with self-tanners, it’s essential to find a formula that agrees with the weather of your body. Tan Physics is one such revolutionary self-tanner. With a silky bronze finish running effortlessly all over your beautiful skin, it has won many approving nods from users. Formulated with ohh-so-wow ingredients like argan oil, coconut extracts, aloe vera, and matrixyl, the tanning lotion is rich in Vitamin E, which makes up for lost antioxidants and combats wrinkles, creases, and fine lines. Argan oil in this tan lotion helps calm the skin and restores a youthful radiance. 

A good tanner should always make you feel confident without messing around with your complexion. Caramel and sugar have a good reputation which helps develop a natural and even tan that lasts longer than regular self-tanning options. Our skin absorbs aloe a lot faster than water.

This lotion is an excellent option if you want a moist and supple skin tone. Bland tanners usually leave streaks all over the body, which is very irritating to look at. Tan Physics is very forgiving in this nature and blends in smoothly onto the skin. Many users were overwhelmed with the stunning results they got from this. So if you want to enjoy a warm tan daily, you are in for a ride!

Fake Bake 

Fake Bake is another blessing to all those who want to protect their skin from the Sun God’s fury. With a breathtaking tropical scent engulfing your senses, this luxurious self-tanner gives you the perfect sun-kissed tan, which will envy all town! Having a lightweight texture, it won’t be a messy affair. Unlike other fancy mousses and mists, Fake Bake dries quickly, forming a natural-looking tan.

It is loaded with many ingredients, which serve as natural tanning agents and professionally color your skin. At some point in our lives, we all have dreaded the fear of self-tanners making us look pink and orange. Many users came forward to say that the product proved suitable to their liking. 

Its pleasing smell is, by all means, a plus compared to other tanners that emit an odor of chemicals. Fake Bake helps unlock that ultimate luminous shine so that you look like you came straight out of the beaches of Miami! The lotion follows a powerful triple tan formula and has been specially designed to suit all skin types. It feels very gentle on the skin and doesn’t lead to uncomfortable streaks. The ingredients present here to accentuate the pigments of your skin, which promotes a perfect, nourishing tan. Indulge yourself in this option for a bespoke me-time session of self-tanning! 

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Tan Physics VS Fake Bake | Evaluation of Pros and Cons 

Tan Physics Pros

  • Easy to apply
  • It blends nicely on the skin without streaks
  • The goodness of natural ingredients 
  • This self-tanning formula provides hydration
  • May weaken the appearance of visible signs of aging 
  • It uses a natural tanner method without involving artificial products
  • It can be used on the face as well
  • Suits all skin types
  • Hides tired-looking skin tone

Tan Physics True Color Sunless Tanner Tanning Lotion
  • PAMPER YOUR SKIN - Tan Physics replenishes and hydrates your skin with proven natural ingredients including Argan Oil, Coconut Oil, Natural Caramel & Sugars, Organic Aloe Vera, and Hydrolyzed Collagen


  • A bit pricey
  • There are only a few retailers who sell this.
  • It may cause rashes or irritation.
  • Tan Physics has not been clinically tested for safety by the FDA.

Fake Bake Pros

  • Minimal stickiness 
  • Develops a natural tint 
  • It leaves a glowy effect 
  • Dries within no time
  • Doesn’t form streaks on the body
  • A refreshing scent of coconut 
  • It contains an application mitt which makes the process significantly easier
  • Saves time
  • Not as expensive as other competitors in the market 
  • You may use more than one coat to attain your choice of tan
  • Reapplying won’t leave any residue

Fake Bake Original Self-Tanning Lotion Lasting Natural Looking Sunless Tanner For All Skin Tones Women & Men - Streak Free, Flawless Glow Includes Gloves For Easy Application - 6 oz
  • GET YOUR BRONZER ON - Achieve a deeper, darker tan that lasts up to 50% longer with easy to apply patented triple tan formula that develops in 6-8 hours for a long-lasting beautiful, coco paradise glow.
  • TANNED TO PERFECTION WITHOUT THE SUN - Built-in color guide so you can see where it's going from back to legs, ensuring solid application; includes mitt and gloves to assist with your bronzing.
  • NATURALLY WORKS WITH EVERY TONE - Our products work for everyone, whether your tone is fair, medium or dark our ingredients work to enhance your skin’s unique pigment.
  • WHOLE BODY TAN WHILE YOU SLEEP - Best if applied in the evening before bed allowing your tan to develop overnight; color stays completely natural leaving your bod a luxe bronze, never orange.
  • CLEAN BEAUTY SOLUTION - Our tanners are formulated with natural skin loving ingredients that are paraben free, vegan friendly and made with naturally derived DHA, Erythrulose and DMI; never tested on animals.


  • Application may be a bit challenging initially. 
  • May transfer to clothes and sheets, which might be irritating. It doesn’t leave any stain, though. 
  • If not handled properly, it may leak as it has a thin consistency.
  • Some users complained that it developed a greenish shade.
  • You have to avoid coming in contact with water at all costs as it washes off. 

Customer Feedback | Tan Physics VS Fake Bake

Evelyn said on Tan Physics, “This one beats all the self-tanners I have ever used in my life. I felt this one be slightly different from when you apply; it feels very nourishing and hydrating. Regular spray tanners don’t give such finding work. This one leaves a gorgeous tan that goes well with my complexion.”

Madison commented on Fake Bake, “I love swimming, and when I found out that I cant hit the waters after putting this on, I was very disheartened. The tanner asks you to avoid areas with water like pools, lakes, etc., as it washes off a lot. Also, I could see my body turning green, which was strange for me. Not a good experience.”

Tan Physics VS Fake Bake before and after

Leah expressed about Fake Bake, “I have an extremely darker skin tone, so I wasn’t sure it would work on me. But after reading so many good reviews about the product, I bought it anyway. I loved how it left a radiant tanning shade on my skin with a hint of sheen effect. I love this purchase.”

According to the available price, Naomi pinned on Tan Physics, “I don’t think it’s worth it. I could easily go to the beach and get a natural tan without spending this money. I would suggest investing that much amount in some other necessary places. I have to be honest; I am not happy with this product.”

FAQs | Tan Physics VS Fake Bake

Does Fake Bake self-tanner expire?

Like everything else, self-tanners do come with an expiry date. The Fake Bake tanner also has an expiry date. Although it’s not dangerous to use an already expired tanner, it should be remembered that they don’t provide any promising effects. Their effectiveness decreases so that it will be a waste of time.  

Can Tan Physics be used on the face?

Yes, Tan Physics can be easily used on the face apart from the chest, back, arms, and legs. This sunless tanner works with great finesse on your face and helps weaken the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. The self-tanner creates a natural tan, which runs all over the body without the sun’s harmful UV rays affecting you. 

Tan Physics VS Fake Bake

How long does Fake Bake tan take to develop?

The Fake Bake tan is a refreshing and non-sticky formula that glides onto the body evenly, leaving a rich brownish tan. The tanner takes about four to six good hours to develop your body to enjoy a beautiful tanning effect without going into the sun!

What is the shelf life of Tan Physics?

Most self-tanning lotions come with a shelf life of one year, after which it is advised to discontinue using them. However, many users believe in the common notion that the expiry date of a product starts not from the mentioned date but when you break open the seal, as before that it hasn’t come in contact with air. 

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As we conclude our Tan Physics VS Fake Bake comparison, we must say that both have pros and cons, so it’s all up to you which one to choose. But did you know that exposure to the sun may give you that year-long tan and contribute to health hazards? This inspired many people to get their very own glow from sitting in the comfort of their apartments without being cooked in the heat.

If you want to pamper your skin with sufficient hydration that keeps the tan naturally plump, you are a Tan Physics person! It has a fast-drying formula and helps suppress signs of premature aging. On the other hand, Fake Bake is your best pick if you are a nature lover and adore tropical scents. It forms a trouble-free tan and helps you feel beautiful from within. 

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