Viviscal VS Biotin | Better Pick For You?

With physical and emotional challenges taking their toll, it has become challenging to achieve luxurious hair. With all the leave-in serums and waterless shampoos, our hair follicles get clogged and get weaker with time. This leads to their inexplicable breakage. A healthy hair care routine has been on the top of every girl’s to-do list at some point in our lives. And why shouldn’t it be? Our hair goes through many unwanted dramas – blow-drying, styling tools, pollution, and whatnot! The discussion of Viviscal VS Biotin has been making a lot of noise in the beauty sector, grabbing eyes. 

Viviscal VS Biotin

As they say, go to the root of the problem, we must start taking care of our flowy tresses from within. Diet and a positive mind may not always be enough, so we are dependent on supplements. We heard about something that might reawaken your scalp without leaving you with greasy strands. We all have come across these two names, Viviscal and Biotin while scrolling social media. So, will Viviscal or Biotin give you the best hair of your life? Is there any truth to this or just shiny promises? You might be here for a while if you want to unveil the whole truth! 

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Viviscal VS Biotin | Which Is The Right Match For You Is?

We all crave to have beautiful-looking hair before we step out of the door, don’t we? For a woman, hair that looks lustrous, healthy, and lively is romantic, like rainbows and unicorns. But we give all our attention to our skin and rush through the hair-care process. So not fair! Luckily, we are here to help. Viviscal and Biotin have stirred the beauty industry with their promise to give you drool-worthy tresses. Let us see what they have in store for us!


Viviscal has been quite the rage among all the hair supplements on the market, coming straight from the oceans. This dedicated-to-hair brand offers a wide range of shampoos, serums, and superstar – supplements for hair growth. Their array of products claims to reduce your hair trouble by thoroughly cleansing the scalp, strengthening hair follicles, and preventing excessive shredding from leaving you with more hair and fewer problems!

An aquatic diet is often considered the ultimate magic potion to a lush mane and shiny locks. Viviscal is a perfect blend of the goodness of marine life. Key ingredients include an aquatic complex, a natural form of silica, and acerola cherry. 

Being devoted to the needs of its clients, the brand came up with rounding up horsetail, zinc, silica, Biotin, calcium, and collagen in its composition. Horsetail has been used as a Greek herbal remedy for hair growth. This allows the hair fibers to heal by supplying them with antioxidants. This gives your hair a natural shine by reducing inflammation. Apart from this, it also has breathtaking components like shark cartilage and mollusk powder. Research has shown that shark cartilage acts as the ultimate catalyst and speeds up hair growth by 38%.

It nourishes the follicles from the roots to the end, making it vital to withstand any condition. This marine protein supplement claims to improve the appearance of your hair and put a pause on temporary thinning. After using this, many users experienced considerable hair growth and haven’t stopped relying on it ever since!

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Did you also keep hearing about biotin gummies which would bring back your lost hair? We are sure you are not alone! Biotin or Vitamin B is a water-soluble component naturally found in our bodies. As our body can’t hold onto this essential element, it is taken in the form of supplements to replenish your body with its multiple benefits. Biotin helps pump up our food, converting it to energy, responsible for clear skin and lovely hair. This hair supplement also assists actively in the stimulation of keratin.

Keratin helps make uncontrollable hair silky smooth and glorifies its thickness. The intake of keratin makes absorption easier for hair cuticles. So if you want glossy hair in this warm weather, you need to stock up on this supplement! 

Enriched with zinc and iron, it actively repairs the damaged tissue cells and hydrates them efficiently. Users said they could see an improvement in their scalp coverage after incorporating Biotin into their diet. Besides hair, Biotin also has other benefits like eliminating brittle nails and skin irritation. Sure, there are rumors, but there is no substantial evidence that oral intake of Biotin leads to acne.

This helpful supplement is abundant in meal plans like dairy products, cereals, chicken, and salmon. According to a survey, Biotin has worked for many users, who were happy with the results, and said that it gave them that extra volume that was missing.

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Viviscal VS Biotin | Evaluation Of Pros and Cons

Viviscal Pros 

  • Nourishes hair follicles
  • It prevents thinning of hair 
  • Promotes cell turnover leading to hair growth 
  • A wide array of essential vitamins which improve texture
  • Clinically tested
  • Maintains a suitable environment for the scalp
  • Fills the gap of iron deficiency which causes hair breakage
  • Contributes to denser volume 


  • A bit pricey 
  • Not vegan by nature 
  • People with fish or shellfish allergies cannot use this
  • Not safe for pregnant women
  • The FDA has not approved Viviscal

Biotin Pros

  • Easily accessible supplement
  • Stimulates circulation, which leads to thicker strands 
  • Voluminous hair 
  • Improves structure of keratin which delivers a safe surrounding for the scalp
  • Strengthens hair roots 
  • Restores glamorous shine 
  • Helps combat inflammation 
  • Prevents hair fall
  • Recommended by professionals 


  • It may not work for everyone 
  • Acne-prone people may suffer from more breakouts 
  • It may only work for people who have a biotin deficiency 
  • It can result in allergies like skin rashes and swelling
  • It might lead to a reduction in the effectiveness of other medication 

Customer Feedback | Viviscal VS Biotin

Erica F. commented on Viviscal, “I had so much hair fall that I almost thought I would go bald. Thankfully, Viviscal came to my aid. I used it for a month and could notice a considerable decrease in hair fall. Moreover, my hair became thick, and now it looks dense.”

Viviscal VS Biotin

Lina said about Biotin, “This has to be the best supplement I have taken for regrowing my hair. It worked for me in a minimum duration and did not cause any side effects as it did for some users. Even my nails look very healthy and alive now. I am pleased with this choice. Even my Mom uses it now.”

Jamie pinned on Viviscal, “I heard a lot of positive reviews about Viviscal, after which I made my purchase. After some days of using it, I couldn’t see any changes, so I was disheartened about getting it. Hate to say this, but I wouldn’t say I liked the product. I got rashes on my skin some days later. I wouldn’t go for it.”

FAQs | Viviscal VS Biotin

Can you take Viviscal and Biotin together?

Yes, you can take both Viviscal and Biotin together as supplements for hair growth. However, it should be remembered that they elevate the levels of sebum production, so you may feel that your skin is becoming oily. This might result in pimples. So make sure you drink enough water and keep yourself hydrated. 

Is Biotin proven to help hair growth?

Although there is no evidence to show that Biotin helps minimize hair loss in healthy people, it is a fact that it only bridges the gap where people have specific deficiencies and their bodies lack this crucial element. They benefit from this as it helps them reduce hair fall and hair thinning to a great extent. 

Viviscal VS Biotin

Why is Viviscal so expensive? 

Viviscal is very expensive as it contains many vital sea ingredients. Some of them are shark cartilage and mollusk powder. They have a high value in the market because of many good properties, like being anti-inflammatory, used in treating cancer. According to studies, it contains glucosamine, which proves that it is responsible for stimulating new hair growth. 

Viviscal, when will I see the results?

Viviscal usually takes six months, and it includes four stages in which you can see noticeable changes in your hair. Some of the users said they could see an improvement in their hair quality in just three months. 

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As we ended our Viviscal VS Biotin comparison, we knew that nothing in this world is without flaws, which applies to supplements too! Both Viviscal and Biotin come attached with good and evil, so it is up to you and your needs. Many users are swearing by Viviscal, as it helps fight damage even before it happens. Its rich collagen and iron structure balances healthy oils and rejuvenates your hair from the inside out. 

So, if you are obsessed with your hair like us, viviscal and you are made for each other! On the other hand, Biotin targets scalp care and helps you slice through all the impurities on the scalp, which block the goodness from hair products. It is easily affordable and maybe just the thing your hair needs!

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